An Independence Day Salute!

In October of 1781, the decisive Revolutionary War battle of Yorktown was being waged. Through a seemingly miraculous turn of events, the Continental Army had the British surrounded and was bombarding the King's armies with heavy cannon fire. Under a rain of heavy artillery, the home being used as a headquarters by the British commander Cornwallis was reduced to rubble.

Looking for other potential homes the British might use as fortifications, the Americans consulted the Governor of Virginia, Thomas Nelson, Jr. Pointing to a beautiful brick home in the distance, he said, "Fire on that one."

Lafayette, who was observing the onslaught, asked Nelson, "Whose house is that?"

"Mine," came the reply.

With immeasurable courage and unflinching self-sacrifice, countless patriots gave their wealth and their lives to the cause of freedom. In this millennial year as we reflect on the independence of this nation, let us pause to consider the price that was paid for the rights and privileges we enjoy. We might well ask what we can do to better honor those who built this nation.

Below are links to documents, images and other information about America's revolutionary past. Take a moment or two to peruse our tribute to Independence Day.

The Revolutionary War-A Chronology of the War

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The Birth of a Nation

For the most part, the American colonists had come to the "New World" seeking political, religious and economic liberty. Consequently, when King George III and the British parliament began encroaching on these new-found freedoms, the colonists were greatly alarmed. There was no single act or event which led the colonists to commence a war against the British Crown. Rather, there was a litany of abuses and insults which, taken together, convinced the colonists that revolution was their only acceptable course of action. . . . READ MORE

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Patriotic Oaths, Poems & Songs

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