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Is it rational to vote?
What is the Electoral College and how does it work?
Odds & Ends
How long have presidential candidates debated each other?
What is "Affirmative Action" and why is it so controversial?
What is the history of "third parties" in the United States?
What is an Executive Order?
Why did the Founding Fathers create the Vice Presidency?
How did party conventions come about and what purpose do they serve?
What is a filibuster?
What do people "buy" with the money they give to politicians?
An Independence Day Salute!
What is the Federal Reserve and what does it do?
Do negative campaign ads work?
A Memorial Day Salute
Congress has been debating a bill that would "normalize" trade with China. What are the major arguments on each side of the debate?
Is Microsoft a monopoly? If so, why does it matter?
Do laws that legislate morality violate the separation of church and state?
What is the purpose of the Census? What is the data used for?
Can you explain the presidential nomination process? How does the delegate system work?
Is the death penalty Constitutional?
Why is George Washington considered the Father of this nation?
Why are sitting members of Congress almost always reelected?
What is the purpose of the State of the Union Address?
What is a "caucus"?

Is the United States a democracy?

What is a recess appointment?

Should there be sales taxes on Internet purchases?

Who Owns the National Debt?

What is "soft money"?

What is a Continuing Resolution?

Are Public Opinion Polls Really Accurate?

Why Don't Politicians Seem to Listen to the People?